Prague Ruzyne International Airport (PRG)
Car Parking

(Prague, Czech Republic)

Prague Ruzyne Airport (PRG) offers comprehensive parking facilities consisting of two car parks, one dedicated to the North Terminal and the other to the South terminals. Short-term, long-term and disabled parking are available at both car parks.

Payment machines are located in Arrivals Lounge Parking C area and at the third traffic lane exit of the platform system.


Short-term parking is available in the Parking C are for passengers requiring access to the North Terminal, while short-term parking in a separate facility is available for those flying from the South terminals.


Long-term parking is available in both the North and South terminal car parks. Rates are fixed for the first day of parking, after which the rate varies depending on how many subsequent days you leave your vehicle for.


Dedicated parking spaces are available for disabled drivers and are free of charge to holders of disabled passes. Additional assistance can be requested in advance.

Prague Airport PRG

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